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Book 1 - Broken Helix


Alan Westbrook, an electronics and software engineer, has developed software that could be of enormous benefit to mankind, but could also unleash worldwide disaster. Governments, including his own, would go to any lengths to obtain his software, as would an individual with agendas of his own.

Should Alan give in and just sell it to one of them, whatever the consequences, or should he disappear into the countryside and hide? Or perhaps he could just destroy everything he has worked for.

But it is a hard thing to destroy your own brainchild, and what would happen if he secretly continued to develop his Doomsday Machine in the hope that he could restrict its use for the good of mankind?           Read Sample

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Follow the Dream

This is a family saga following the dreams and aspirations of a young boy in East Yorkshire to their attainment several generations down the line. William is the second son of a tailor who is finding more and more difficult to make ends meet. He has already sent his first son to work at the local flax mill, and as William is now ten years old, he will have to join his brother at the mill. This is not what William hoped for. He had read about adventurers such as David Livingstone and wanted to follow in his footsteps and find adventure of his own. Life expectancy in the flax industry was short and hard, and it would be up to his descendants to follow his dream.   Read Sample

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For Teens to nineties

Kevin was quite an ordinary boy, not the sort that would stand out in a crowd. He was also a bit of a loner and lived in a world of his own, always imagining amazing things. But even he could not have imagined what was about to happen to him. He was not sure if he was letting his imagination get the better of him or if he had actually met the strange little creatures.

It soon became very clear that he was not imagining things and he was just setting out on an amazing double life, firstly, as the boy no-one took much notice of, and secondly, in his new role as the 'Master of the Universe' with amazing powers.

This was a lot to expect of a ten year old boy, and he did not know if he could do it. But things have a habit of getting out of hand and he soon found that he did not have

This is a gripping book for all children aged from ten to one hundred. Let your imagination run riot and follow Kevin across the galaxy and meet strange and wonderful people. a choice.

After his first adventure, one thing leads to another and one adventure leads to yet another.   Read Sample

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Millie has just started at her new school, which she doesn't like at all. She used to go to a private school where all her friends lived in big houses and had ponies. She had been very happy there until her mother and father split up. She didn't know why it had happened and thought it must be her fault in some way, and now she was being punished.

None of the children at her new school liked her and they made her life a misery. How she wished she could be like her idol, from her history lessons, Boudica of the ancient Britons.

Then she started to have dreams, though they seemed to be more real than just dreams, taking her back to the world of Boudica and the ancient Britons. Soon she found it difficult to tell the difference between the real world now and the land in her dreams.

There seemed to be parallels between her two worlds and people from her dreams kept appearing in real life. Eventually she would have to set out on a quest that would lead her into great danger but might also bring her to terms with her present life.    Read Sample

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Children’s Picture Book

The Urgles are a Martian family living peacefully on Mars when their tranquility is shattered by the arrival of a space probe from Earth.

The story is told with illustrations by Phil McGinness.

For children aged between three and five.

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Master of the Universe

Echoes Through the Mists of Time

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Alan Westbrook and Kirsty Williams continue with their work to produce a humanoid robot, but find that they turn out much better than expected. But how do you deal with robots that can think for themselves? Are they sentient beings or just very convincing machines?

When things start to get out of hand, what should they do for the best? And how do you deal with a Prime Minister desperate to cover-up the fact that she has a small army of intelligent robots let loose on the country.

What can Alan and Kirsty do to avoid taking the wrap for the misdemeanours of their creations? Read Sample

Now available from Amazon

Book 2 - Where There’s Life…


They had almost forgotten the saga with the mechanoids when they receive a phone call from MI5 requiring them to assist with a problem they have. An MoD office has had sensitive information leaked and it seems impossible that anyone could have gained access to it.

It requires all their skill to solve the mystery, but in solving it, they create a bigger problem when characters from their past come back into their lives.

They are faced with a terrible dilemma and they have to make a difficult decision.  Read Sample

Coming soon

Book 3 - Monkey Puzzle